Olly Moss – Star Wars Posters

Olly Moss is a British graphic designer and makes tons of fan art for movies and games. As a Star Wars fan myself, I drop his poster designs for the Star Wars saga right here as a source of inspiration. The design and main appearance really bring out the main narrative of each movie within the graphics used in the posters. Even if you haven’t seen any of these films, you’d get a rough synopsis of each movie and what the main event entails.


JetBlue – 1960s Retro Style

Some things never go out of style. For aviation buffs, this means the 1960s, the golden age of air travel. When flying was so mod, so nifty, so fab. Think vintage brochures, vivid colors, bold typography, smart uniforms, hot meals and sipped cocktails—all the glitz and glamour of the jet age. JetBlue decided to ask themselves how their airline would look like 50 years ago, so they got their design team together and designed this retro aviation appearance.

The fonts are Craw Modern and Franklin Gothic; both were widely used and represented during the era. For colors, JetBlue has standard blue and orange shades they uniformly use today. They took their current color palette and reverse engineered it to this 1960s brand. It made the design team ask themselves: To be where we are today, where would we have come from?

Elite: Dangerous – The Ships of Elite

Elite: Dangerous is one of my favorite games I play in my pass time. A game where you have a 1:1 galaxy to explore with your own ship. The following video gives a brief summary what goes into designing the ships from the design team. Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses and their own stance and profile making each ship unique.

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