08 October 2016

An old cinema building, a former colony, a desert town. Diego Franssens, Elisabeth Verwaest Sam Ostyn, Klara Van Es, Kristof Bilsen, Christopher Daley and Jonas Govaerts show a strong portrait of the mystique of locations and the resilience and strength of people.

I was impressed by the images presented by Diego, as they were presented within the frame of a confessional within the already impressive looking church. Behind the images, Diego installed a light that shined onto the back of the image making them light it up, creating a special effect. The story behind the series fits the way they are presented. A man who was intimidated and kept being bullied by his son, he felt weak until they were frustrated at each other and the father shot his son. Relieved of the murder her committed, he felt free yet ready to face the consequences. In prison, he was an exemplary prisoner allowing him to get released earlier than anticipated. Diego went to search for him and made a series about how he currently is. This series, compared to the others, caught my interest most due to the background behind each image, creating a rather grim mood.

Posted by:rendo