I walk down the dike of Sint-Anna in Linkeroever to wind down after a motorcycle ride around the town. As I reach the end of the walkway a dog sniffs my leg. I look down and get greeted by a very kind white and black border collie. I see another one walk past with a softer black fur with spots. I greet the owners complimenting their well-behaviored companions. I speak to Alain, owner of Quita the first dog that greeted me.

Alain, owner of Quita

His kindness and cheery attitude make my socially inept brain at ease as we talk about the dogs. His friend, Frank, joins us with the other dog, Qyra. Both dogs are 9 months old coming from the same mother. Their size surprise me as I expected them to be smaller at such an age but that’s where my lack of knowledge about canines show. Alain tells me they’re from Merksem and came to Linkeroever to walk their dog because of the calmth surrounding Linkeroever. Alain notices my armored motorcycle jacket and asks what I ride. I reply I ride a Kawasaki Z650 and he tells me he used to ride a Kawasaki ZR-600 (a racing fairing motorcycle).

Frank, owner of Qyra

We continue with some small talk about Linkeroever and the dogs. Frank tells me Qyra’s eyes have a unique eye discolorment where one eye has a different color over the other. I take a closer look and try to capture a photograph. At first sight I didn’t notice anything however as I looked closely I saw the difference. It made the dog truly unique.


I exchange information to provide them the photographs and we part ways. A very enjoyable experience with one of many humans in Antwerp.

Posted by:rendo