© Jim Goldberg

USA. Hollywood, California. 1988. “How to be a Better Whore.” Boy hustler teaching his transvestite lover how to bring in more money.
USA. West Hollywood, Los Angeles. 1986. “Crystal Fucked Up.” Crystal, a Latino transvestite homeless youth, quickly got involved in speed and prostitution. This image was taken after he had been shooting speed for a year. He is waiting endlessly by a pay phone for someone, anyone, to call him up so that he can turn a trick and buy more speed.

USA. Hollywood, California. 1990. “I’m Fuckin’ Inocent (Good Night Nikki).” This squat is an abandoned house in a neighborhood of middle class families. Television crews had just come in through the doors in order to expose the lifestyle of the kids in the squat. Because of all the TV crews their squat was discovered and the kids were kicked out.
USA. West Hollywood, Los Angeles. 1988. “Slamming Alcohol.” The Palms Hotel. Cookie, a street kid, having just discovered that she is pregnant, wants to celebrate. As no one has any speed or wants to go out and turn a trick, they turn to the only thing they do have – a quarter pint of 101 Bacardi Rum. They shoot up with this.
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